Be reincarnated in Kylie Minogue’s tights…

March 20, 2014 by Gregory Herpe

In her latest video , Kylie Minogue teaches a very special sport….and very hot!

In ” Sexercize”, Kylie wearing only a white body closer to the body as a tax inspector, hairnets tights and red high heels turgid…

Shit … The temperature is dangerously high….

Yeah! She’s a nice girl , Kylie , and at 45yo, she proves that time has no hold on her, full of warm-up , waddled his little body on a grid, stroking her thighs and buttocks….. Aaaaaaargh … ! ! ! ( A cold shower, quickly! !) .

Then , nestled on a pommel horse or sitting on a ball, it makes its first Sexercize . A very explicit one…waouh…Tori Black or Isis Taylor could inspire him.

The body of Kylie Minogue and his playmates, first beaded with sweat, become completely sweaty ( like mine!) in the sauna.

Go further signed photo by yours truly, in 2013 , I offer you … the hot videoclip, nasty, and it is here :

Woody Allen said he wanted to be reincarnated as Ursula Andress’s tights… today he would be in Kylie Minogue’s one …

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