Almakan…Our present is already her future.

April 12, 2014 by Gregory Herpe

Almakan…Our present is already her future.

The experiment of the future.

“The fantastic is in the eye more than the subject ,” she says.

When I met Almakan , I was struck by his many talents.

Artistic talents, of course, in line with our present, and above all, I should say, with the future that is already developed.

Almakan has visions.

Not as a fortune teller, of course not, but as an enlightened mind, free, visionary.

Almakan is of great beauty, and you see, I ‘m not talking about physical. Beauty of Almakan is in her brain is beautiful , subtle, bright, vivid, complex.

Her brain is that of a curious child with the maturity of a very old elf.

Her brain always see two lengths of advances, and it forces my respect.

Almakan’s philosophy without the cheesy toga, her spirituality without the birds a little silly .

Her work is fantastic in more ways than one  It represents the dark side of the universe and the willingness to experiment with public feelings he would feel if he were to face the darkness . ” Fantastic reveals the insidious … ” she said …

Her Art Book, beautiful object dedicated to her work, will enchant you and make you think.

I am proud that she asked me to take pictures for her, portraits of her …


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